I Never Thought I Was Being Taught to Squelch Creativity

When I first read the question in moodle, “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” I already had an argument in my mind of why they don’t kill creativity. After watching this video, however, I now have an understanding of what the question meant. I never would have thought that as a teacher starting in the year 2015 that I would be urged to keep my students in their seats or to remain quiet for the hour or to only focus on the math lesson that I was currently teaching. But if I am in front of the classroom, I could see that happening because I would want each student’s attention. At that point, I may be keeping the kinesthetic learners from doodling while they listen or from tapping their foot to help them listen. In that small way, I am killing a little bit of creativity.
More and more schools are eliminating fine arts programs because of budgeting, yet in this ever-changing world, there are needs for every different personality in each work place. Graphic design is very important for every company. Commercials need to be stunning. Musicians need to have something new and unique. Artists now can transform lives with interior design, trends in clothes, make up and hair. In this new world, all of those jobs are just as important as the creators of Google or Steve Jobs.

So while we shut down the art programs and encourage math, science, and literacy (while those are still important for living), we may be shutting down possible futures for many, many students. We just don’t know what will be important in the future of this country and education should allow students to completely explore what gets them excited inside, even if it is dance or art or music or creating a website or designing new styles or developing a new app or video game or running long distance or organizing homes. Every one is good at something. Public education needs to expand its horizon!

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